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UncategorizedDec 04, 2012

Keep Your Home Warm During the Winter

Winter is fast approaching – is your home prepared for the cold? Here are 5 simple tips to help keep your home warmer during the winter: 1. Replace...

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UncategorizedDec 05, 2011

What’s On Your Christmas List? How about a New Garage Door?

As you prepare for family and friends to gather at your house during the upcoming holidays, you want your home to look its best.  A beautifully trim...

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UncategorizedSep 26, 2013

Enhance Curb Appeal with a Carriage House Style Garage Door

Carriage House Style Garage Door Continues to Increase in Popularity One out of every five residential garage doors sold in North America today is a c...

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UncategorizedJun 01, 2012

Garage Door Safety Tips

Did you know that garage door related accidents account for thousands of injuries every year? The garage door is the largest and heaviest moving objec...

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UncategorizedJul 04, 2012

Proud to Say, We’re “Made in the USA”

Did you know that all Amarr steel and aluminum full view garage doors are “Made in the USA”? These doors are produced and assembled in manufacturi...

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UncategorizedJul 24, 2012

Tips for an Organized Garage

Does the inside of your garage look like this? A study conducted by the Center on Everyday Lives of Families at the University of California, Los Ang...

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