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AmarrJul 21, 2017

Finally Clean Out Your Garage in These 8 Steps

By Jeanne Taylor, Houzz On my street, every home has a two-car garage. Yet hardly any of the garages are used to park two cars. Even fitting one car...

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AmarrDec 30, 2016

4 Ways Amarr SafeGuard System Keeps Your Family Safe

You’ve probably thought about how safe your car, your child’s bike helmet, or your babysitter is, but have you thought about how safe your garage ...

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AmarrApr 07, 2017

Insulated Garage Doors: The Sensible Solution for 5 Common Garage Problems

These days, many homeowners are finding increased value, and even increased happiness, in a new garage door.  That’s no surprise – according to a...

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AmarrJan 10, 2017

Magnetic Clavos – Giving Garage Doors Rustic Charm

Garage doors are not merely functional these days – they can be the style star of any home!  Curb appeal is incredibly important, and many homeowne...

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AmarrJan 20, 2017

2017 Cost vs. Value Report: Garage Door Replacement Still a Top Project

Are you planning to sell your home, or looking to increase your home’s value?  A new garage door could be just what you need!  In addition to incr...

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AmarrFeb 24, 2017

Amarr SuperFlex Sections Solve Common Warehouse Problem

If you work in the industrial or commercial sector, you know how busy warehouses can be.  As business booms, warehouse traffic increases.  Sometimes...

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