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AmarrJun 28, 2019

Amarr’s Patented Bottom Bracket Increases Garage Door Safety

Did you know that Amarr garage doors come with a safety bottom bracket with a patented design? This safety bottom bracket is tamper-resistant, making...

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AmarrDec 30, 2016

4 Ways Amarr SafeGuard System Keeps Your Family Safe

You’ve probably thought about how safe your car, your child’s bike helmet, or your babysitter is, but have you thought about how safe your garage ...

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AmarrJun 01, 2016

Top 3 Garage Door Safety Tips for Your Home

Your garage door is often the largest opening in your home, and the one that works the hardest.  More than 70% of homeowners use their attached garag...

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garage door safetyOct 20, 2015

Storm-Ready Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers Protect Coastal Green Home

After Hurricane Sandy destroyed Kim Erle’s house on October 29, 2012, her only choice was to rebuild. Instead of simply making modifications to meet...

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garage door safetyOct 01, 2015

Hurricanes Don’t Stand a Chance Against a Properly Reinforced Garage Door

If your home has an attached garage, think of it as a welcome mat for destruction if you don’t have a properly reinforced garage door installed when...

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garage door safetyJun 04, 2015

Garage Door Safety Checklist

Your garage door is the largest moving part on your home and perhaps the hardest working, being opened and closed an average of four times per day. It...

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