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garage doorsDec 21, 2018

How to Create an Indoor Oasis in Your Garage

By: Tony Steine Investing in your garage is a good way to add value and usable space to your home. lots of homeowners use their garage in other ways t...

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Design - GarageJun 14, 2019

Home Design Trends That Increase the Value of Your Home

Updating the outside parts of your home is a good way to boost the look and quality of your property. While outdoor updates are not as exciting as get...

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Design - GarageMay 18, 2018

This summer, turn your garage into a prime location for fun and relaxation!

Your garage is normally used for protecting your car in the winter and storing tools and some belongings. But why not put this room of your home to a ...

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garage doorsJul 09, 2018

Find just your style at Garaga!

Your next garage door is waiting for you at Garaga. Our extensive range of products ensures you will find the door that fits you to a T. Today’s ga...

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garage doorsOct 05, 2018

Carriage-house inspired styles from Garaga

Carriage house or country style architecture is most commonly found outside of large metropolitan areas. These styles are recognized by traditional ar...

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garage doorsOct 22, 2018

Contemporary inspired styles from Garaga

Contemporary and modern style architectures are growing in popularity, in particular for today’s houses. These styles are distinguished by the use o...

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