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UncategorizedSep 27, 2018

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

The garage door is one of the largest and most noticeable features on the outside of your home. Even so, many people don’t can see the opportunity t...

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garage doorsSep 21, 2018

Traditional inspired styles from Garaga

Don’t be mistaken by thinking traditional means old. On the contrary, traditional style attractively combines architectural elements that have evolv...

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garage doorsSep 07, 2018

Commercial garage doors: the bigger they are, the more you need expert advice

It’s common to picture commercial or industrial garage doors as all being similar and about the same size. This really is not the case, and in fact,...

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UncategorizedAug 30, 2018

Envy™ Glass Garage Door

Ever since Envy™ came onto the market a year ago, the Overhead Door™ brand’s first seamless, all-glass garage door has been receiving high-prai...

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UncategorizedAug 30, 2018

Flipping Houses 101

Thanks in part to popular home improvement television programs like HGTV’s Desert Flippers, a show the Overhead Door™ brand has participated on fo...

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garage doorsAug 10, 2018

Why did homeowners change their garage door?

Your garage door seems to be in passable condition, so why would you want to change it? A recent study, jointly conducted by the National Association ...

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